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While Hillcrest Collegiate is serious about educating our students, we also believe that the learning process should be fun, and we teach our children in a way that stimulates and engages them. We cater to the different and individual learning styles that the students have and make use of a lot visual and verbal learning as well as written tasks. The progress of the students is monitored on a continuous basis throughout the terms so that any barriers to learning can be identified and the necessary strategies can be implemented. The students are also able to work at their own pace because the classes are small, and the individualised attention and support is present. The vision and mission of every teacher is for every student to grow in confidence academically and personally and achieve success.

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At Hillcrest Collegiate, we believe that every child is a unique individual and is a masterpiece in progress. We endeavour to educate learners in a way they can understand and comprehend the academic content, and in this way achieve academic success.

What we offer

We provide a quality academic programme that is designed to stimulate and engage students. The academic programme is the National Senior Certificate and is moderated by the SACAI moderation board.


Learners take four compulsory subjects and can choose three additional subjects:

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Janice Breezkte

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Cathy Booysen


Claudia de Souza

Junior School Head

Craig Breezkte

Financial Manager

I highly recommend the Hillcrest Collegiate. Thank you Janice and your staff for coming to the rescue and producing a young well behaved young man, currently studying towards Investment Management at University of Pretoria. Assistance and guidance you have offered him, also believing that he can do better, will go a long way in his life. It’s all about FAITH and giving a child a chance.”

Thandeka Maphumulo

Coming from a 2021 matric student, they give a family-like atmosphere and the place is just stunning.

Nikita Van Der Vlis

This school has competent teachers. Good caring personnel.”

Amon Mukwande


Hey there! I am absolutely thrilled to share with you all that our school is open to visitors anytime you like! Yes, you heard that right, ANYTIME!

As an educator myself, I know the importance of seeing a school in action before making a decision to enroll your child. And that’s why we want to make it easy for you! You can now come visit our school on a whim!